Randomness #1


Every months I’m posting stuff that were great or that will be great. It can be article around web, books, stuff (apps, useful tools, etc.), thing to watch (movie, videos, etc.) and something to drink.

(1) A Brief History of Male/Female Relations on MarkManson.org [History/Evolution] A great article that tell the whole history of male and female relationships starting from the caveman era to the present. I’ve learn a few things and the references at the end of the article can be great ideas for your next book reading.

(2) Identify Weak Points and Destroy Them on T-Nation by Charles Staley [Health/Fitness] It’s step by step guide to identify your weak point in weightlifting and how to destroy them. The ideas can also be applied outside of fitness don’t worry.

(3) How and Why to Keep a Commonplace Book on ryanholiday.net [Reading/Learning] Probably my favorite blog post of the week. Ryan Holiday tell you why you should keep a commonplace book. The article also tell you the benefits of having that kind of book. You will be surprise to see how much leaders from today and the past we’re keeping that kind of book.

(4) I Lived a Day According to Ben Franklin’s Schedule and It Changed My Life on The Good Man Project [Productivity] A simple article about a guy who lives in Franklin’s shoes for a day. He reproduce an entire day of Franklin.


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