On Learning


Learning is an important process in our lives. This is the most important way to grow and to improve ourselves. Learning can be done with different processes. Here are some good examples : reading a book, watching a documentary, writing in a journal, improve a skill, making a summary of a book, studying a language, travelling, visiting  a museum…you get the idea. To reach the beat of ourselves we must learn. Nobody became great by apathy and ignorance. Here are 10 great quotes about learning.

  1. Education is what remains after one has forgotten all he learned in school. – Albert Einstein

This is a great quote by Albert Einstein. He meant that once school is over, you shoudn’t stop learning. It can also mean that once school is over you’ll learn by your life experiences. Those life experiences will be your true education.

  1. If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

The man of rare intellect didn’t become how he is alone. He found knowledge and inspiration from somewhere. That somewhere is more often than not in books. You would have asked Kennedy in the picture above about great book suggestions…and you would have probably ended with a list of dozens of books to read. A good point to start with the bookshelf of Bonaparte.

  1. The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing. – Voltaire.

I thought before my bachelor in History that I knew a lot about the subject. After 3 years and 30 classes…I came to the conclusion that I knew nothing. The more knowledge you’ll get, the more you’ll see that you don’t know much. Usually, people who learn a lot will become more humble about their own knowledge. They know that knowledge is infinite and that they only know a tiny part of it.

  1. Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is. – Isaac Asimov

Written in 1975 in Science Past, Science Future, this quote by Asimov can be seen as an attack against school. Self-learning is the real and only education. It is the one that will follow you all your life. It is the one that will make you unique and build your character.

  1. You cannot open a book without learning something. – Confucius

Anytime you open a book, you have a chance to learn something great. That quote from Confucius is an encouragement to curiosity. In other words, read more books and you’ll get knowledge.

  1. “If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come.” – C.W. Lewis

There will always things outside of you control that will distract you from learning. If you want to achieve something, you must seek knowledge without waiting for a more favorable moment to come. People who really want to achieve something will be eager to learn at any time.

  1. Change is the end result of all true learning. – Leo Buscaglia

For those who don’t know him, Buscaglia in an American author and motivational speaker (1924-1998). I think he means in that quote that the process of learning will change you if you truly apply what you’ve learned.. You’ll become different from the person you were before.

  1. Learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain. – Aristotle

Aristotle (384-322 BC) is best known as a Greek philosopher and the tutor of the Emperor Alexander III (known as « the Great ») of Macedonia. He means by that sentence that learning will never be easy. You can’t avoid the pain period in any learning you’ll do. I suggest the book Mastery to learn more about that idea. You will always want to do something easier like having distractions (TV, video games, drinking, etc.). You will learn if you are eager to accept the pain.

  1. Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence. – Abigail Adams

Nobody will become succesful by chances, like nobody will get knowledge by chance. Someone who acquire a lot of knowledge, is someone who put a lot of time and effort in learning.

  1. Being ignorant is not much a shame, as being unwilling to learn. – Benjamin Franklin

If you have the chance to learn, you should learn. I know plenty of people who have all the intelligence they need to read books and learn. They have money to buy all the books they want. But, they prefer distraction like tv or magazines. Franklin is right, it is more shameful to refuse to learn, than being a plain ignorant.