The Perfect Story


I’m always surprised when people are like, ‘I want to be just like Don Draper’. You want to be a miserable drunk? The outside looks great, the inside is rotten. – Jon Hamm

Everything always seem better elsewhere. The sun is always brighter far away. This is a common feeling that we have. We tend to look at others and compare ourselves. Others are always more lucky. Take a closer look and you’ll start seeing the misrepresentation of your thinking. 

Your friend Eric is a party animal. He’s always down to go out and drink. He’s the first to order more drinks and shooters. He seem to have so much fun. He’s the definition of cool. He get along well with all the people. Monday, Wednesday or Saturday? It doesn’t matter for him. Every day is the weekend. In reality, he’s an alcoholic. He’s constantly wearing a mask. He’s drinking to forget all his problems. He doesn’t want to look at the reality. He’s 32 years old in a dead-end job because he didn’t finish school and he doesn’t know where he’s going with is life.

Your girlfriend’s sister Anne is the definition of the perfect girl. She’s a hot blond, with a perfect ass and big round boobs. She’s hot, sexy and all your friends want her. The truth? She’s obsess about her look. She’s spending 12 hours a week in her local gym to keep her perfect ass. She keep a close and perfectionist look at her nutrition. Her boobs are fake. She’s thinking of getting them even bigger because she has a limiting belief that they are too small. She’s not comfortable with herself. All of this started because she think she’s ugly and too fat. Men’s attention is her fuel. Without it, she would fall into depression.

Your neighbor Sam is rich. He has a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S of the year and a crazy huge house. He’s always in expensive restaurants. He is making you jealous with his 20 000$ swimming pool. The reality? He’s dead broke. If he lose his job, he’s in total bankrupt. Is fortune is the result of loaded credit cards, bank loans and a mortgage that his choking him. By the way, the Porsche is paid weekly. He can’t sleep at night because of his money worries. Stress is eating him from inside. All you see about him is a mist. You don’t see the real situation behind your neighbor’s facade.

Your friend Dave is always bragging about how many girls he’s f*cking. He’s constantly saying that he’s the real deal, that every women want him. You see him living the great bachelor life. The reality? He fell that he was a looser in high school. He’s trying to get back at what he missed 10 years ago. He’s trying to prove himself that he can get all the girls he want. He want to show “them” how he became something else. He’s lonely, he would like to have a girlfriend, but he’s afraid of commitment.

You think these stories are exaggerations? Maybe they are, maybe not. Never forget that the grass is always greener on the other side. The perfect stories are most of the time not what you think they are. You would trade your life? You would be surprise in what you would get your shoes into. No humans are perfect. We all have our problems, even the last people you would think of. Perfect stories don’t exist.


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