Randomness: Jamie Oliver, Psychedelics, Fight Club 2 and More

Life & Culture

[*] Foundation: Kevin Rose interview Jamie Oliver (YouTube/59 minutes) – Great interview with chef Jamie Oliver about the passion cooking and how technology can positively impact our food system. 

[*] Extraordinary Vintage Photos Capture NASA’s First Space Explorations (Esquire) – A bunch of crazy pictures taken in space and on the moon.

[*] Will Smith on Kids, His Career, Ferguson, and Failure (Esquire) – Will Smith is now 46 years old, didn’t know he was that old. Good interview by Esquire. Will talk about Basketball, fitness, his new movie Focus and a bunch of other stuff.


[*] Tim Ferriss Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger (Podcast/67 minutes) – Tim Ferriss interview the one and only Arnold. They touch different subjects like confidence, having a vision, life obstacles and meditation. Mr. Schwarzenegger also talk about his childhood, his move from Austria to United States and his movie career. Really interesting.

[*] 33 Ways To Be An Insanely Productive, Happy Balanced Person (Ryan Holiday at Thought Catalog) – Learn great productivity advises like inbox zero, ignoring false emergencies and learning to say ”no”. Once again, another great blog post by Ryan Holiday.

[*] Unmistakable Creative – This is a really interesting podcast. The host meet creative entrepreneurs from different backgrounds like writers, cartoonists, psychologists and much more. As I write these lines, I saw that the last interview was with Seth Godin. Most interviews last more or less an hour.


[*] The Trip Treatment (The New Yorker) – Amazing article by Micheal Pollan the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food. It’s an exploration of the current research about psychedelics and health. Get ready for a long read, but it’s worth it.

[*] MAGIC MUSHROOMS AND THE HEALING TRIP (Video @ The New Yorker/6 minutes) – While we are here, we could go on with the theme of psychedelics. Follow Eddie Marritz’s experience in this short video. He was a participant in one of N.Y.U.’s Psilocybin Cancer Anxiety research studies.

[*] 7 SURPRISING WAYS TO BOOST YOUR MEMORY – (Fast Company) – I’m 100% confident that writing something help to remember. As for the other six ways to boost memory, I think you should take it with a grain of salt.


[*] Top 100 Inspirational Quotes (Forbes) – You like quotes? Here are a hundred of them by sports legends, famous writers, musicians and historical figures. Here is one by Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

[*] GoPro: Vebjørn Enersen Goes Big in Norway (YouTube/2 minutes) – That is a scary ski jump in the back country of Norway by Vebjørn Enersen. You will get fear of height just by watching it.

[*] Risk Takers: Extreme Kayaking (National Geographic Live/11 minutes) – Extreme kayaker Trip Jennings almost died during his source-to-sea first descent of the Pandi River in Papua New Guinea. In this video, he talk about why we take risks, facing death and having a passion.


[*] Fight Club 2 (Rolling Stone) – If you didn’t know about it yet, Chuck Palahniuk will release a sequel to Fight Club. It will be released in May 2015 as a 10-issue comic book series. Fight Club 2 picks up 10 years after the events of the first book. We will find the anonymous narrator married to Marla Singer and struggling to be a good father to his nine-year-old son. And, expect Tyler Durden to comeback. I can’t wait to get my hands on Fight Club 2.

[*] Nightcrawler (movie for rent) – Oscar nominated film with Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s the story of Lou Bloom, a more or less crazy guy, that start working as a Los Angeles crime journalist. The movie explore the idea of the dehumanization of the victims of crimes in media for the sake of good tv ratings. What is shown on the internet and TV today would have been unthinkable 50 years ago. Is violence becoming too casual?

[*] Fury (movie for rent) – Good entertaining movie with Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. It is the story of a Sherman tank and his five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines, in the heart of nazi Germany. The film isn’t a true story, but it’s based on a collection of true stories from veterans. It’s violent and sometime disturbing.

[*] Better Call Saul (TV show @ AMC) – New TV show from the creators of Breaking Bad. It also in the same universe as Breaking Bad. The first season is a prequel. We follow criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Wasteland

[*] 57 Best Cooking Tips of All Time (Epicurious) – 57 tips to make you a better cook now. I’ve read it and I’m still bad. Seriously, I’ve learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t know.

[*] 100 trips everyone should take in their lifetime (Business Insider) – I love to travel. I was nostalgic of my last trip at number 13 (Dubrovnik). But, it gave me some ideas for my next trip. I would love to go Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos.

[*] Classic New Orleans Brandy Milk Punch (Boulder Locavore) – If you didn’t have the chance to go to Mardi Gras like me, here is a nice cocktail to try at home.

The Clear Horizon

“To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind.”Lucius Seneca

Walk in the fog and you’ll find it difficult to know where you are. On the opposite, the clear horizon of a sunny day will let you reach your destination easily. It’s the same with life. Without identifying the vision of where you want to go, you might end up anywhere.

Lack of vision is like a constant fog inside your head. If I ask you to put aside 20 000$ in the next year without any reason, you’ll find it really difficult to do it. Then, if I tell you that this 20 000$ will serve for the travel in Australia you’ve wished all your life, suddenly you’ll find it way easier to do it.

In an interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that the main reason behind his success was having vision. He saw himself winning bodybuilding competitions, becoming a movie star and at last be elected governor of California. He projected himself in the future and made his way toward his imagined sight. He said it was the main force that separated him from others in competition. That’s how he went for the win.

That’s what gave him the edge.  Having a clear horizon helped him make the sacrifices needed to reach his goal. To sum up his words, it is much easier to make the sacrifices when you know why you are doing them.

The Dreamcatcher

“I am indebted to my notebook for the happiness of my whole life.” – Ben Franklin

The human mind has one great liability, it tends to forget. You can’t imagine how many ideas you have lost in the course of your life by simply not writing them down. A notebook should always be by your side to catch everything that comes out of your head. I’m a big fan of Evernote, but I find it better for short notes. If it’s an idea or an observation, I prefer to write it down. Beside, when I’m working, the last thing I want is looking at my cell.

My suggestion? Go back to the old school way. Get yourself a beautiful Moleskin notebook (the apple of the notebook a.k.a you pay for the name). Mine is the size of big Iphone. It fit well in my back pocket. I have it with me wherever I am.

A lot of great figures from history were keeping a notebooks. Charles Darwin, Ernest Hemingway, John D. Rockefeller and Pablo Picasso are among them. Do like them. Don’t let dreams fly away.

Be Yourself

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be” – Kurt Vonnegut

I see people labeling themselves all the time, everywhere. Just take a quick glance at Twitter or Facebook. Consider what I’m talking about. Your friend James is telling the world that he’s a conservative. Your neighbor Anna write that she’s a feminist. And let’s no forget your cousin Robert shoving down our throats that he’s a fan of Volkswagen.

Labels are like a package deal. They can be anything from political affiliations, sports teams, a brands or anything else that someone can identify at. They have more effect on your attitude, than your attitude have on them. When you take the label, you take everything that comes with it. It’s like loosing your free will. Does Coca-Cola really taste better than Pepsi? In my mind, it’s more or less the same. Just people identifying too much with one or the other.

Then, why does people label themselves? Labeling comes from a primal way of thinking. The brain is wired to do it. Often, we aren’t aware of it. In the caveman era, banishment from the tribe meant death in the wilderness. Society has evolved, but the brain not so much. Not belonging to the group won’t result in an ostracism like in ancient Athens. No worry, you won’t be cast away for 10 years by public vote. Never forget that labels can make people judge you before even knowing you. The “package deal” effect work both ways. My advice, be yourself and stay clear of labels.

False Idols


No longer ago than last week, it was revealed that Anderson Silva failed a pre-fight drug test. The UFC fighter tested positive for drostanolone metabolites. He will join the likes of Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez and Lance Armstrong.

He was consider one of the best of all time in his sport. Now his legacy is tarnished. Whatever people will say about his career, it will now be the first thing that will come to their minds. He didn’t only tainted his legacy, he also ruined MMA’s image. A sport that struggle to make his place.

Think about it for one moment. Try to imagine your model being a cheater. It must be a hard blow for his fans. People were inspired by him. In the blink of an eye, he joins the rank of the false idols.

The Five Minutes

A little can make a big difference. George Leonard expressed that idea in a similar fashion in his book Mastery. For him, the five extra minutes of work his the chief difference between an amateur and a master. In other words, “the five minutes” means giving the second effort.

Think about it. You want to learn cooking. If after each time you try a recipe, you give an extra five minutes to write about it. What was good. What went wrong. What you could improve the next time. Those extra five minutes in 10 years could be worth gold.

What are your five minutes?

Randomness #4



[*] Gary Bettman’s Hockey Goal (Wall Street Journal) – Great article about Gary Bettman’s work with the NHL. No matter what we can say against him, since he’s the job, NHL revenue has increased by 1000%.

[*] The Sweat Solution (Gratland.com – Short film) – A 17 minutes video about the birth of Gatorade in Florida. It was used at first by University of Florida football team.

[*] Hardcore History Podcast – I’ve discovered that podcast at the beginning of the year. I’m a bit late about that one. It’s already a top blog on Itunes. If you want to learn about The First World War, the Vikings or the Khans Empire, it’s the place to go. I’ve personally started with Prophets of Doom.


[*] What I Learned About Life After Interviewing 80 Highly Successful People (jamesaltucher.com) – James Altucher is an interesting writer. He’s also the host of his own podcast. Among his guest, the billionaire Mark Cuban. In this article, he make a summary of what he learned doing all his interviews for his podcast.

[*] 10 Tips for Successfully Working from Home (Art of Manliness) – Ever dreamed of working from home? Here are a few useful tips to achieve that goal and make it success.

[*] Productivity Advice I Learned from People Smarter Than Me (NY Observer) – Great article by Ryan Holiday. He talked about what he learned from great people…past or present. You’ll learn a bunch of stuff from the likes of Napoleon, Andrew Carnegie, Montaigne or Robert Greene.


[*] Oil Bags: The Rise of the Idiots (T-Nation.com) – Funny article in sense, but not so much after all. Learn about stupid people injecting “site-enhancement oil” to artificially inflate muscles. You can guess that complications follow afterward.

[*] Brain Drinks Might Make You Less Smart (Wired) – An article about the brand of drink “NeuroSonic”. After some research, it look like it doesn’t help you being smarter. 

[*] Detoxes: an undefined scam (Examine.com) – Tired of hearing about cleanse and detox? It’s surprising how much people believe in it. Science says it’s all a scam. A must read.

[*] Can drinking wine really replace exercise? (Examine.com) – It’s an answer to an article that claim that red wine could replace an hour of exercise. Welcome to the world of catchy headlines and bullshit journalism. Thank God, Examine is here to save the day.


[*] Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game – Remember the movie with Brad Pitt? It’s the book that inspired it. It’s simply great. One of the best book I’ve read in a while. The book explain how the Oakland A’s were at the top of the MLB at the beginning of the 2000s despite being the poorest. How can the poorest team do almost as good as the richest (cough Yankees cough)?

[*] The Magic of Thinking Big – A classic self-help book published in 1959. This book was recommended by many authors. I remember Tim Ferriss saying it was one of his favorite. It’s the perfect book to read at the beginning of the year. It’s a great kick in the butt.

[*] You Are Now Less Dumb – I’m a reader of the author’s blog (You Are Not So Smart). The book is about human delusions about themselves. It’s good popular psychology. You’ll learn a bunch of stuff…and you’ll be less dumb in the end.


[*] The Interview (Netflix) – A lot of buzz around that movie because of all the crap that happened with North Korea. It’s a fun movie with Seth Rogen and James Franco. Not oscar worthy, but an enjoyable two hours.  You can either buy it on YouTube or watch it on Netflix.

[*] The Guest (movie) – I didn’t know to expect from that independent movie, but I really liked it. The soundtrack is great.  The story is simple. A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, he claim to be a friend of their son who died on the front. Once he is welcome inside the home, a series of weird events occurs. The movie has a strong 80s vibe. We can see it as an homage to old John Carpenter’s or James Cameron’s movies.

[*] Rogue Legacy (Game on Steam) – Nothing new under the sun. The game was published in 2013. It was on my list since a while. I almost didn’t game in 2014. I gave a try to this one. It’s amazing how a game with simple graphic can be so addictive and good. My younger self playing the old Nintendo would have been crazy about it. The game bring two interesting thing…when you die you comeback as the child of you hero. The castle you explore randomly change when you die. I like new concepts like these.


[*] Experts Say These Are The 20 Best Beers In The World (Businessinsider.com) – Not a recent article. It’s from August 2014. But, if you’re searching for a must try beer list. It’s a good one.

[*] 7 Ways to Level Up Your Morning Coffee Routine (Art of Manliness) – Coffee must be one of the best thing in the world. Ok ok I’m a coffee addict…I know! #2 is something I’ve never thought about. It’s a wonderful idea. And I should try #6.