The Clear Horizon

“To the person who does not know where he wants to go there is no favorable wind.”Lucius Seneca

Walk in the fog and you’ll find it difficult to know where you are. On the opposite, the clear horizon of a sunny day will let you reach your destination easily. It’s the same with life. Without identifying the vision of where you want to go, you might end up anywhere.

Lack of vision is like a constant fog inside your head. If I ask you to put aside 20 000$ in the next year without any reason, you’ll find it really difficult to do it. Then, if I tell you that this 20 000$ will serve for the travel in Australia you’ve wished all your life, suddenly you’ll find it way easier to do it.

In an interview, Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed that the main reason behind his success was having vision. He saw himself winning bodybuilding competitions, becoming a movie star and at last be elected governor of California. He projected himself in the future and made his way toward his imagined sight. He said it was the main force that separated him from others in competition. That’s how he went for the win.

That’s what gave him the edge.  Having a clear horizon helped him make the sacrifices needed to reach his goal. To sum up his words, it is much easier to make the sacrifices when you know why you are doing them.

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