You are Now Less Dumb: Conquer Mob Mentality, Buy Happiness, and Outsmart Yourself (Book #6)


What is it about.

We are dumb and stupid. Our brains has much more limits than we think. This book explore those psychological limits that are also called “self delusions”. One of them being the narrative bias. It means that we all tell ourselves stories to stay sane. Everything we do and see in life must have a cause and effect. We often try to find meanings in sequences. We are champion of doing that when we study history. The author educate us about a sixteen other ways we fool ourselves. Get ready to read about the sunk cost fallacy, the Benjamin Franklin effect, the pluralistic ignorance and the backfire effect.

Why you should read it.

Knowing that your own brain has limits and changing the way you think  can give you huge benefits in your daily activities. Everything in You Are Now Less Dumb can be applied in real life. I think that’s big plus about that book. You will learn about willpower, the importance of clothing, how to be happier, about the paradox of choice and how to take good decisions. Everything in the book is backed by psychological research.

The Bottom line.

Avoid the book if you are already a psychology junkie. It is a pop psychology book, not a PhD thesis. Otherwise, you’ll learn a lot of interesting stuff like I did. It’s easy and fun to read. The stories and the examples are originals. The author mention a good number of interesting sources. You’ll have further reading for a while. 

Overall: 7.5/10
Fun Factor: 8/10

David McRaney is also the author of You Are Not So Smart. He has an interesting blog and podcast of the same name.

2 thoughts on “You are Now Less Dumb: Conquer Mob Mentality, Buy Happiness, and Outsmart Yourself (Book #6)

  1. Nice review! Rendu à la 45e loi du 48 Laws of Power: très intéressant et exemples historiques fascinants!

    Je t’avais dit à Mtl j’etais un peu tanné des trucs lourds historiques, mais en fait j’ai remarqué de quoi. Exemple: Campaigns of Alexander  par Arrian auteur antique. Je n’embarquais pas dedans parce que je lisais trop peu de pages à la fois: j’ai remarqué c’est le genre de livre qu’il faut lire à coup de 25/30 pages minimum one shoot (et avoir un temps pour ca), donc j’ai lu le livre en quelques longues séances de lecture et j’étais full dedans. L’ayant terminé j’ai commencé The War with Hannibal (Carthage vs. Rome) avec le même principe de lecture (avec auteur antique aussi) et en fait ces livres là sont pas compliqués à lire, mais ils sont difficile de rentrer dedans: juste lire un 5/6 pages par ci par là impossible de suivre le fil: faut lire à coup de grosses shot et là c’est bénéfique. Me tentais de te partager ca. 

    Envoyé depuis un mobi

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