Trump and the Overload of Information


“There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the days that followed the win of President elected Trump, I was under complete saturation of news covering his win. I was willingly seeking to know everything about his plans for the future, the impact on the economy and whom he would choose on his team. The New York Times and CNN became my best friends.

That information was added to my usual blog and podcast subscriptions that were giving their 2 cents on the matter, my social media feeds that was completely submerged by the matter and, of course, most of my conversations with friends and coworkers. I notice the problematic as I was speaking to my girlfriend about Trump during lunch. I was giving her all the reasons why the wall was a crazy idea, why leaving NAFTA would be disastrous for the economy and on and on.

We are drowning under information. But the good news is that we can still choose what we let in or not. You can choose to turn the TV on or off, you can choose to visit the news website and you can choose to have presence on social media. You can create your own filter, impose yourself a strict media diet if you want. We’re not forced to consume information; we are just letting the door whole open.